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Analysis of Novell and EAI Vendor Talarian Alliance
Novell«, Inc. and Talarian« Corporation today announced a technology and marketing alliance in which the companies will work together to embed Talarian's real

timing ic  about specific plans and timing for product rollout. This alliance brings together two leaders in Net Services and infrastructure software used to create and support eBusiness applications, said Carl Ledbetter, Novell senior vice president for business and corporate development. Talarian's advanced middleware technology will bring new developer and application capabilities to Novell's Net Services platform, accelerating the development of directory-enabled solutions used for messaging, finance, Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » timing ic

Agresso Bucks the Slump (and Fights the “ERP Madness”) - Part 1
Sadly, it is not difficult for so many of us to concede that, except for maybe the historic elections in the US and the successful Olympic Games in Beijing

timing ic  demands. Are Price and Timing Right for the Change of Guard? Given its sharp focus on service industries and well-attuned product and service offerings, Agresso legitimately has the “Big Few ERP” players on the run, and has been winning a disproportionate set of the new deals it competes on with these competitors in those markets. As for Agresso’s revenue growth, all of the sales reports and financial analyst coverage point to larger deal sizes, larger companies/organization sizes, and new deals (ve Read More
Inflation’s Demise: The Impact on Business Informa
Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) business models and information systems originated in the 1970s and 1980s, an inflationary period. They addressed business

timing ic  to maximize profits by timing business events so exactly that productive resources are committed as late as possible, but never too late to miss profitable sales opportunities. These are very important business problems during inflationary times, because one or two avoidable, critical resource shortages could mean a missed sale and reduced ability to recover fixed costs. For example, accidental over-commitment of a bottleneck work-center or shipping vessel may delay the arrival of finished goods and cause Read More
Increasing the Value of Your Enterprise Through Improved Supply Chain Decisions Part 3: Conclusion
There remains no shortage of experts and solutions that purport to have the keys to improving your supply chain. However, executives who bear bottom line

timing ic  Inventory Decisions regarding the timing and quantity of stock that is procured, manufactured and stored have a very significant influence on supply chain costs, capital availability and the cost of capital, various cycle times, and market response. For example, targeting inventory supplies so that organizations synchronize the planning and execution along an entire supply chain strand in a value network to produce an appropriate inventory of goods that is where customers need it, when they need it, at a Read More
Lawson Standing Vertically in a Flat Economy
Lawson Software has hardly ever been associated with flamboyance and ostentatious behavior, let alone in these murky economic times. Still, its chief executive

timing ic  history of impacting the timing of transactions based upon promotions. This module allows the supply chain to be leveled to eliminate problems in timing. Stocks need to be built up in advance of the promotion period, stock-outs need to be eliminated, and inventory investments minimized. Lawson Stock Build Optimizer then offers tools that allow manufacturers to perform multiple what if scenarios to simulate the consequences of different long-range planning decisions. These models, which can account for Read More
Oracle Integrates Front and Back Office with Applications 11i
On September 27, Oracle took a major step towards providing a fully integrated front and back office applications suite by launching Oracle Applications 11i at

timing ic  tempered somewhat by the timing of the release. It was originally intended for a fourth-quarter release, but has slipped to the first quarter for financials, projects, human resources, supply chain, and manufacturing, and the second quarter for the CRM and order-management applications. Market Impact Should Oracle's new ambitious product suite perform as it claims, it would give the Company a leading edge position in the enterprise application market, given that no vendor, with the possible exception of Read More
Should SAP Buy PTC?

timing ic  year. As such, the timing couldn’t be better for SAP. No, wait a minute Those who don’t think SAP should approach PTC probably will ask, “Does SAP really need PTC?” First of all, SAP is already very strong in cPDm. SAP’s approach in PLM is quite different from its major rivals that have CAx origins. In some cases, SAP seems to be more willing to talk about its new product development and introduction (NPDI) framework instead of PLM. This framework organizes different SAP components—ranging Read More
Ariba to Leave Integration to Specialists
E-purchasing vendor Ariba chooses Tibco Software to integrate back-end programs.

timing ic  out the details and timing. Customers will be free to continue with Ariba's current approach, engage Tibco, or use some other middleware solution. Those organizations who have already customized Ariba's propreitary adaptors should immediately press for a migration plan to Tibco, while those considering Ariba should probe more deeply into the capabilities of the Tibco product. Some customers will find that this announcement makes Ariba a more suitable choice, but others may discover that current back-end Read More
Logistics.com Becomes The Newest Of Manhattan Associates Part 2: Strengths, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Logistics.com needs to tie its execution modules into the plant/warehouse-level applications in order to give a customer a full solution. Manhattan cannot

timing ic  software market nowadays, the timing, the price tag, and the rationale for the acquisition therefore seem right. Logistics.com was a wise choice, as its products bring more complete transportation planning capabilities to Manhattan PkMS and the broader footprint in SCE possessed by the combined entity should let Manhattan compete more effectively in the still fragmented WMS/TMS market. Likewise Manhattan in WMS fulfillment and event management realm, Logistics.com has done a noteworthy feat of integrating Read More
Can ERP Speak PLM?
Because product lifecycle management (PLM) offers a host of benefits to manufacturers, it has become one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise

timing ic  of change is the timing of when the change should be implemented. In order to plan the execution of the engineering change, information about levels and locations of inventory, costs, planned production, planned purchases, and current demands for the product must be taken into account. This information resides in the ERP application, and is critical to making the optimal decision on when to introduce an engineering change. Without that information, the impact of making this change based on a set date—th Read More
Meeting Configure One at PlanetPTC Live 2011
My recent attendance of the PlanetPTC Live 2011 event was a great learning experience. Look for an article with my impressions on the conference and on PTC’s

timing ic  ability to dictate the timing of upgrades. Configure One staffers talk up the company product’s ease of use for administrators, but claims of ease of use are always subjective. Webcom or BigMachines would counterclaim that they have more flexibility in their respective “out of the box” admin platforms , since they are focused on software as a service (SaaS ), which Configure One is not. For its part, Cameleon Software claims that its application goes beyond the traditional “admin” tool and requi Read More
SSA Announces New Chairman/CEO in a Bid to Stop Its Agony
System Software Associates, Inc. (SSA), announced on September 14 that its Board of Directors has named Robert R. Carpenter, a highly-experienced executive in

timing ic  position is that the timing of this event is long overdue. SSA continues to hemorrhage cash (it posted a 3Q99 loss of $6.7 million - not including restructuring and other charges of $22.8 million) and revenues declined 32% from the same quarter one year ago, making it the company's 7th consecutive negative results quarter. SSA's financial situation deteriorated so much that the company had to change its stock ticker symbol and execute a 1 for 4 reverse stock split (reducing the total number of shares Read More
Supply Chain 101: The Basics You Need to Know
Today’s manufacturers face increasing global competition and complex manufacturing networks. Supply chain management provides manufacturers with the needed

timing ic  minimum, and scheduling and timing are kept in check. The immediate economic factors relating to the increased adoption of the supply chain model are discussed in Infor ’s 2007 report, Charting a New Course in Effective Distribution Supply Chain Management : Financial analysis of the distribution industry shows that businesses are stretched so far, that for the average $100 million wholesaler, pursuing one additional percentage point of revenue growth would generate negative six percent in cash flow, wh Read More
SAP to Acquire Inventory Optimization Vendor SmartOps
SAP announced on Friday evening its intention to (finally) acquire SmartOps, a move much anticipated for some time. The most enduring mystery about this is not

timing ic  be speculation whether the timing is related to the maturation of the SmartOps business and products or the evolution of the relationship between SmartOps and SAP (and the people in both companies), whether it is simply the alignment of other stars between the two companies, or whether the competitiveness of the inventory optimization space (where TEC sees a few vendors doing well) moved SAP and SmartOps to act. The SAP–SmartOps official announcement focuses the rationale for the acquisition on a Read More
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Three: ACCPAC's Back-Office Products Enhancements
ACCPAC continues to enhance the PRO series and Advantage series product lines.

timing ic  Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Three: ACCPAC's Back-Office Products Enhancements Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Three: ACCPAC's Back-Office Products Enhancements P.J. Jakovljevic - June 4, 2004 ACCPAC's Back-Office Products Enhancements In March, Best Software, Inc. , one of the leading current providers of integrated accounting, business management, human resources (HR)/payroll, and fixed asset Read More

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